Stornoway Wind Farm Seeks Crofters’ Feedback on Payment Proposals

28th January 2015

Crofters on the Stornoway Trust Estate, with grazing rights on land leased to Lewis Wind Power Ltd for the Stornoway Wind Farm Development, will get an opportunity to consider and discuss the proposed rental payments on offer at a series of forthcoming consultation meetings.

The meetings to discuss the proposed scheme, which are scheduled to run from 3rd to 17th February, are part of a legal process called ‘Scheme for Development’*. This process aims to set out any issues around the use of grazing areas and the amount to be paid to those with grazing rights within the boundaries of the planned Stornoway Wind Farm. The ‘Scheme for Development proposals’ have to be approved by the Scottish Land Court, which will consider them later this year.

John Buswell, Project Director for Lewis Wind Power said:

“We want to further engage with the local grazing committees and individual crofters at these meetings. The aim is to ensure that crofters are satisfied that their interests are recognised and dealt with correctly, so they receive fair rental payments from the Stornoway Wind Farm. That partnership approach has been at the heart of our proposals from the outset and we would therefore really encourage crofters to come along and find out more about how they stand to benefit from our proposals.

The benefits of the wind farm will also extend to the wider community and local economy, with payments to a community benefit fund, administered by a local trust, alone amounting to just under £600,000 per year.”

Any crofters who are unable to attend the meetings, but have questions about the project, can get in touch with the team on 01851 700024.

For further information please contact Ross Laird or Robert Girvan on 0131 560 2940 or or

Notes to editors
* Under Section 19A Schemes for Development under the Crofters Act 1993.

The full schedule of meetings are:

Holm 3/2 (5.30pm) Sandwick Hall
Sandwick & Sandwick East Street 3/2 (7.30pm) Sandwick Hall
Sandwick North Street 4/2 (7.30pm) Town Hall
Newvalley, Guershader & Laxdale lane 5/2 (7.30pm) Laxdale Hall or School
Melbost & Branahuie 9/2 (7.30pm) Ionad Stoodie
Portnaguran, Newlands & Broker (SG)** 10/2 (6.00pm) Aird Hall
Portvoller (SG) 10/2 (6.00 pm) Aird Hall
Upper Aird (SG) 10/2 (6.00 pm) Aird Hall
Sheshader 10/2 (7.30pm) Aird Hall
Aignish 11/2 (6.00pm) Ionad Stoodie
Garrabost and New Garrabost 11/2 (8.00pm) Ionad Stoodie
Steinish (SG) 12/2 (6.00pm) Town Hall
Newmarket, Laxdale(Sand Street) (SG) 12/2 (8.00pm) Town Hall
Shullishader & Newlands(SG) 17/2 (6.00pm) Aird Hall (TBC)
Lower Bayble (SG) 17/2 (8.00pm) Aird Hall (TBC)

** (SG) Qualification through Shareholding in Stornoway General Grazing

A second round of meetings will take place in later February and March.

Further information on the Stornoway Wind Farm:
Full details of the current proposals for the Stornoway Wind Farm can be found at: